Tuesday, October 26, 2010



3D model by markbenson0803
Villa with guest house, 10 bedrooms, 2000 m2 constructed, plot 11,000 m2



3D model by markbenson0803
Villa 5 bedrooms, 320 m2, south side of calle Fondo, Sotogrande, plot size 1015 m2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's Interesting for Developers in Sotogrande?

If you take the average property in Sotogrande, you would find a 4 bedroom villa of about 450 m2 built on a plot of around 1600 m2, and in todays market you would find it listed at between €1,000,000 and €1,750,000. There is evidence that successful sales are achieving as little as 60% of list price.

These figures make it very difficult for a developer to consider building the average property. Even with the huge reduction on build costs and improved chances of obtaining a building plot for a reasonable price, the developer would struggle to show an acceptable profit when building an average villa in Sotogrande.

There is however an opening for a different type of property. Even if Sotogrande promotes itself as an exclusive resort development, and every year attracts some of the most affluent people in the world to enjoy its facilities, there are still very few properties at the very top end of the scale.

Over the past two years, there have been 2 or 3 properties sold at prices of between 6 and 10 €millions, and a well known owner whose property was listed at 25 €millions is believed to have rejected an offer of €18 millions.

If you do the maths...a property of 2,000 m2 on a plot of say 10,000 m2 with attendant main house, guest house, spa and indoor swimming pool, tennis court and landscaping etc should cost no more than €6,000,000 (including land purchase) to produce. Assuming the design has been well thought about and the property competes well with the best that Sotogrande has to offer, then the listing price of such a property should be in the region of €10,000,000 plus.

The main constraint for this type of development is in finding a good plot, located in a quiet and private area with a good outlook, without the prospect of future building works, good separation between existing properties, and all at a reasonable price!

I do however have some ideas...please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short Term Rentals

Why not arrange a visit to Sotogrande and see what I am talking about...we have beautifully furnished short stay apartments overlooking the 'Venice-like' Marina, with views towards Gibraltar and North Africa....

Have a look at our virtual tour: http://www.balleo.net/isladelavela/29/

For more information visit our rental website: www.crystalestates.com

Premier Position for Premium Property

This spectacular view has become available:

  • Plot size: 2200 m2
  • Constructed area: 900 m2
  • 6 Reception Rooms
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • Cinema Room
  • Infinity Pool
PRICE: 3,850,000 €

For more information please see our website: http://www.sotovillas.com/db/ventas/public/form_detalle.php?idioma=uk&clave=976

Welcome to Sotogrande

Hi, I am Mark Benson and I would like to introduce you to my small piece of paradise.

I live in Sotogrande, on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Southern Spain. For those of you who have never heard of it, Sotogrande is an exclusive resort development, located on the Mediterranean coast between Gibraltar and Marbella.

Apart from luxury real estate, Sotogrande offers a wide variety of sporting facilities including: SAILING, KITE/WINDSURFING, TENNIS, PADEL and most notably GOLF and POLO. In fact many consider Sotogrande to be Europe's premier venue for these last two sports.

I have 28 years experience as a real estate advisor in Sotogrande, and my activities have ranged from simply helping buyers choose their dream property, to project managing the design and construction of clients' luxury private villas.

Although I have a varied listing of exclusive properties I also work with all of the real estate community in the area, and am therefore well placed to give independent advice to those investors looking for the inside track.